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his client heroically declared that she had enough money in hand for present needs, and would come to him if she were in real need. The gift they had accepted from Rukmini Kumar was the first and last charity they had received from anyone! Hence it was that their lawyer was unaware to what straits they had been reduced. When he found them in abject poverty, he was much vexed and grieved. He was greatly moved when his client, once more made a fresh prayer of him with joined palms of entreaty.

"Madam," he said, "you have only to order, it is for me to carry out your instructions. I will faithfully attend to all your lightest wishes."

"The time is come for me to depart," she said, "and I leave my girl behind me. The courts have now confirmed my father-in-law's genuine will, and Radharani is heiress to a great estate. I beseech you to have care of her; treat her as your daughter; protect her from those who prey on the wealthy. This is my dying