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no advocate of infant marriages. He reflected, too, that the girl had no old-fashioned relatives who would imagine that her caste was in danger if she were not married in childhood. He made up his mind, therefore, that the question might be shelved till Radharani herself began to think about a husband. In the meanwhile let her have a suitably liberal education. Holding these opinions, the excellent man made no effort whatever to find a husband for his ward, but devoted all his efforts to securing her the best teachers.


Five years have elapsed, and Radharani is now an extremely comely young woman of sixteen. But she is carefully confined to the feminine apartments. No male has seen her budding charms. Yet, even to the most advanced minds, the time has come to settle upon an alliance for the lovely young heiress. Her guardian was of opinion that the girl's own wishes should be consulted. In order to sound