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finally asked the attendants whose residence it was. He was told that it was not a private dwelling, but an asylum for the poor and indigent. He was also informed of the name it bore. He asked if he might visit the institution.

"Why," they replied, "should not such an one as you enter a building which is open to all the poor and miserable of the land?"

The stranger made a careful inspection of the asylum, and returning to the entrance, said,

"I have carefully examined all the arrangements for the comfort of the poor and sick, and am greatly pleased. To whose generosity do we owe this institution? Is his name Rukmini Kumar?"

The attendants replied, "No, sir, this institution has been founded by our mistress, Srimati Radharani Dasi."

"Why, then," asked the stranger, "is it called the Rukmini Kumar Benefaction?"

The attendants said that they did not know.

"Who then is this Rukmini Kumar?"