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(Phyllis much agitated at her lover's supposed faithlessness.)
Iol. (to Strephon).

When tempests wreck thy bark,
And all is drear and dark,
If thou shouldst need an Ark,
I'll give thee one!

Phyll. (speaking aside to Tolloller).

What was that?

Tol. (aside to Phyllis).

I heard the minx remark,
She'd meet him after dark,
Inside St. James's Park,
And give him one!


The prospect's not so bad,
My/Thy heart so sore and sad
May very soon be glad
As summer sun;
But while the sky is dark,
And tempests wreck my/thy bark,
If I should/thous shouldst need an Ark,
Thou'lt/I'll give me/thee one!

Phyll. (revealing herself).


(Iolanthe and Strephon much confused.)

Oh, shameless one, tremble!
Nay, do not endeavour
Thy fault to dissemble,
We part—and for ever!
I worshipped him blindly,
He worships another—


Attend to me kindly,
This lady's my mother!


This lady's his what?


This lady's my mother!


This lady's his what?


He says she's his mother!

They point derisively to Iolanthe, laughing heartily at her. She clings for protection to Strephon.

Enter Lord Chancellor. Iolanthe veils herself.
Lord Ch.

What means this mirth unseemly,
That shakes the listening earth?

Lord Tol.

The joke is good extremely,
And justifies our mirth.