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Song—Ld. Mount.


When Britain really ruled the waves—
(In good Queen Bess's time)
The House of Peers made no pretence
To intellectual eminence,
Or scholarship sublime;
Yet Britain won her proudest bays
In good Queen Bess's glorious days!


Yes, Britain won, &c.


When Wellington thrashed Bonaparte,
As every child can tell,
The House of Peers, throughout the war,
Did nothing in particular,
And did it very well:
Yet Britain set the world a-blaze
In good King George's glorious days!


Yes, Britain set, &c.


And while the House of Peers withholds
Its legislative hand,
And noble statesmen do not itch
To interfere with matters which
They do not understand,
As bright will shine Great Britain's rays,
As in King George's glorious days!


As bright will shine, &c.

Leila. (who has been much attracted by the Peers during this song).  Charming persons, are they not?
Celia. Distinctly. For self-contained dignity, combined with airy condescension, give me a British Representative Peer!
Ld. Toll.. Then pray stop this protégé of yours before it's too late. Think of the mischief you're doing!
Leila. (crying).  But we can't stop him now. (Aside to Celia). Aren't they lovely! (Aloud). Oh, why did you go and defy us, you great geese!

DuetLeila and Celia.


In vain to us you plead—
Don't go;
Your prayers we do not heed—
Don't go!
Its true we sigh,
But don't suppose
A tearful eye
Forgiveness shows.
Oh, no!
We're very cross indeed—
Don't go!


Its true we sigh, &c.