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I'd disobey
Our fairy laws?
Because I fly
In realms above,
In tendency
To fall in love
Resemble I
The amorous dove?
(aside) Oh, amorous dove!
(aside)Type of Ovidius Naso!
(aside)This heart of mine
(aside)Is soft as thine,
(aside)Although I dare not say so!


Oh, amorous dove, &c. Chorus.

On fire that glows
With heat intense
I turn the hose
Of common sense,
And out it goes
At small expense!
We must maintain
Our fairy law;
That is the main
On which to draw—
In that we gain
A Captain Shaw!
(aside) Oh, Captain Shaw!
(aside)Type of true love kept under!
(aside)Could thy Brigade
(aside)With cold cascade
(aside)Quench my great love, I wonder!


Oh, Captain Shaw! &c. Chorus.

[Exeunt Fairies and Fairy Queen, sorrowfully.]

Enter Phyllis.

Phyllis. (half crying.) I can't think why I'm not in better spirits! I'm engaged to two noblemen at once. That ought to be enough to make any girl happy. But I'm miserable! Don't suppose it's because I care for Strephon, for I hate him! No girl could care for a man who goes about with a mother considerably younger than himself!

Enter Lord Mountararat and Lord Tolloller.

Ld. Mount. Phyllis! My darling!
Ld. Toll. Phyllis! My own!
Phyl. Don't! How dare you? Oh, but perhaps you're the two noblemen I'm engaged to?
Ld. Mount. I am one of them.