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2Wherefore should the nations say:
'Where is now their God?'
3But our God is in the heavens;
Whatsoever pleased Him He hath done.
4Their idols are silver and gold,
The work of men's hands.
5They have mouths, but they speak not;
Eyes have they, but they see not;
6They have ears, but they hear not;
Noses have they, but they smell not;
7They have hands, but they handle not;
Feet have they, but they walk not;
Neither speak they with their throat.
8They that make them shall be like unto them;
Yea, every one that trusteth in them.
9O Israel, trust thou in the Lord!
He is their help and their shield!
10O house of Aaron, trust ye in the Lord!
He is their help and their shield!
11Ye that fear the Lord, trust in the Lord!
He is their help and their shield.
12The Lord hath been mindful of us, He will bless—
He will bless the house of Israel;
He will bless the house of Aaron.
13He will bless them that fear the Lord,
Both small and great.
14The Lord increase you more and more,
You and your children.
15Blessed be ye of the Lord
Who made heaven and earth.
16The heavens are the heavens of the Lord;
But the earth hath He given to the children of men.
17The dead praise not the Lord,
Neither any that go down into silence;
18But we will bless the Lord
From this time forth and for ever.

116I love that the Lord should hear
My voice and my supplications.
2Because He hath inclined His ear unto me,
Therefore will I call upon Him all my days.
3The cords of death compassed me,
And the straits of the nether-world got hold upon me;
I found trouble and sorrow.
4But I called upon the name of the Lord:
'I beseech thee, O Lord, deliver my soul.'
5Gracious is the Lord, and righteous;
Yea, our God is compassionate.
6The Lord preserveth the simple;
I was brought low, and He saved me.
7Return, O my soul, unto Thy rest;
For the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee.
8For thou hast delivered my soul from death,
Mine eyes from tears,
And my feet from stumbling.
9I shall walk before the Lord
In the lands of the living.
10I trusted even when I spoke:
'I am greatly afflicted.'
11I said in my haste:
'All men are liars.'
12How can I repay unto the Lord
All His bountiful dealings toward me?