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Eulogy of the Journey


others to whom it never occurred to think of such a thing as going on a journey, will make up their minds to follow my example. Surely, the idlest person will not hesitate to set out with me on a pleasure jaunt which will cost him neither trouble nor money. Come then, let us start! Follow me, all ye whom the pangs of despised love "or the slights of friends keep within doors,—follow me far from the meannesses and unkindnesses of men. Be ye unhappy, sick, or weary, follow me. Ye idle ones, arouse ye, one and all. And ye who brood over gloomy projects of reform and retreat, on account of some infidelity,—amiable anchorites of an evening's duration, who renounce the world for your boudoir,—come, and be led by me to banish these dark thoughts; you lose a moment's pleasure without gaining a moment's wisdom! Deign to accompany me on my journey. We will jog cheerfully and by easy stages