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Literary Gazette 1st November 1823, Page 697-698



The ring you gave, the kiss you gave,
    The curl of raven hair,
Pledges of truth and gifts of love,
    Where are they now?—oh where?

The ring is broken,—and by whom?
    The kiss has been profaned;
And many, many, bitter tears
    That shining curl has stained!—

Yes, each and all are wholly changed,—
    More changed they could not be;
But the worst change is that which time,
    False one! has wrought in thee.


I will swear to thee by that bright star,
    Like thine own dark eyes' light;
I will be true, dear love! to thee,
    As that star to the night.

I will swear to thee by that sweet tree,
    With the red rose blossoming;
I will be constant as those flowers
    Are constant to the Spring.

I will swear to thee by the green leaves,
    By the low song of the bees;
By moonlight, by the violets,
    And by the summer breeze.

I will swear to thee by frequent things,
    That, when you are away,
All round you may recall the words
    You taught my heart to say.L. E. L.