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Literary Gazette, 22nd March 1823, Page 189

[To be continued occasionally.]
Suggested by a Picture by G. S. Newton, No. 16,
in the British Gallery, and representing a Girl
looking at her Lover's Miniature.

Which is the truest reading of thy look?

Just one look before I sleep,
Just one parting glance, to keep
On my heart and on my brain
Every line and feature plain,
In sweet hopes that they may be
Present in those dreams to me,
Which the gentle night-hour brings
Ever on her starry wings.
I have heard the deep tolled chime
Of the moonlight vesper time—
Scarcely seems one hour-glass run,
Since beneath the setting sun
Hill and vale were red, and I
And Olave looked upon the sky,
And said, or ere the grapes, which now
Shone green gems in the sunset glow,
Might darken, that we two should be
Linked in gentlest unity;
And the soft twilight came on
Ere our pleasant words were done;
Stars were glancing overhead
When our last 'Good night!' was said:
Since, I've sat and watched this brow
(Not so beautiful as thou,
Yet thy shadow) in the light
Of the fair moon. Now, Good night!
By the dawn-blush I must wake,
Olave, if but for thy sake:
We have flowers to plant and cull,—
Our home must be beautiful;
Waking, I must dream no more,
Night has lovelier dreams in store.
Picture dear, farewell to thee,
Be thine image left with me!