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Literary Gazette, 29th March 1823, Page 203-204


All over the world with thee, my love!
    All over the world with thee;
I care not what sky may low'r above,
    Or how dark our path may be.

The cloud may gloom, the thorn may spring,
    And the desart before us lie;
I shall not look back,—can the fond dove's wing
    Ere fail when her mate is nigh?

I could follow thee over the dark blue main,
    In tempest or summer shine;
The voice of the storm would threaten in vain
    The heart that reposed on thine.

Though past the lights that the many prize,
    And grief and shame were with thee,
There yet would he hope enough in thine eyes,
    So that they but turned on me.

I should be glad, but for thy dear sake,
    That thy planet were darkened above;
For the cloud that shadowed thy fate would but make
    More apparent my truth and my love.