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Literary Gazette, 25th January, 1823, Pages 60

All the colours glistening
On the rainbow of the spring,
Mingled with the deeper hue
Of the grass green emerald too,
Are upon that bird, whose neck
Crimson wreaths of roses deck,—
Mounted by a Boy, whose lip
Is such as the bee would sip
For the first rosebud in May.
    Love, upon a summer day,
Bade the Graces link a chain
Of sweet flowers, for a rein
Round the peacock's glorious wing.
Forth he rode; then, like the king
Of bright colours, smiles, and blooms,
Sunny darts and golden plumes.
    Oh this is not that sweet love
Own companion to the dove;
But a wild and wandering thing,
Varying as the lights that fling
Radiance o'er his peacock's wing.
I do weep, that Love should be
Ever linked with Vanity.[1]

  1. Signature after next poem