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Literary Gazette, 24th May 1823, Page 332-333


Farewell, farewell! then both are free,—
    At least we both renounce our chain;
And love's most precious boon will be
    Never to feel the like again.

There is no gift beneath the sky,
    No fairy charm, no syren lure,
Would tempt me yet again to try
    What love once taught me to endure.

Its burning hopes, its icy fears,
    Its heartlessness, its sick despair;
The mingled pains of many years
    Crowd into its one hour of care!

I blame you not,—you could not tell
    That love to such a heart as mine
Was life or death, was Heaven or hell;
    You could not judge my heart by thine.

Each pulse throbs to recall again
    What once it was my lot to feel;
I have flung off my weary chain,
    The scar it left I may not heal. L. E. L.