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Leaves of Grass.

It comes from its embowered garden and looks pleasantly on itself and encloses the world;
Perfect and clean the genitals previously jetting, and perfect and clean the womb cohering,
The head wellgrown and proportioned and plumb, and the bowels and joints proportioned and plumb.

The soul is always beautiful,
The universe is duly in order .... every thing is in its place,
What is arrived is in its place, and what waits is in its place;
The twisted skull waits .... the watery or rotten blood waits,
The child of the glutton or venerealee waits long, and the child of the drunkard waits long, and the drunkard himself waits long,
The sleepers that lived and died wait .... the far advanced are to go on in their turns, and the far behind are to go on in their turns,
The diverse shall be no less diverse, but they shall flow and unite .... they unite now.

The sleepers are very beautiful as they lie unclothed,
They flow hand in hand over the whole earth from east to west as they lie unclothed;
The Asiatic and African are hand in hand .... the European and American are hand in hand,
Learned and unlearned are hand in hand .... and male and female are hand in hand;
The bare arm of the girl crosses the bare breast of her lover .... they press close without lust .... his lips press her neck,
The father holds his grown or ungrown son in his arms with measureless love .... and the son holds the father in his arms with measureless love,
The white hair of the mother shines on the white wrist of the daughter,
The breath of the boy goes with the breath of the man... friend is inarmed by friend,
The scholar kisses the teacher and the teacher kisses the scholar .... the wronged is made right,
The call of the slave is one with the master’s call .. and the master salutes the slave,
The felon steps forth from the prison .... the insane becomes sane .... the suffering of sick persons is relieved,
The sweatings and fevers stop .. the throat that was unsound is sound .. the lungs of the consumptive are resumed .. the poor distressed head is free,
The joints of the rheumatic move as smoothly as ever, and smoother than ever,
Stiflings and passages open .... the paralysed become supple,
The swelled and convulsed and congested awake to themselves in condition,
They pass the invigoration of the night and the chemistry of the night and awake.

I too pass from the night;
I stay awhile away O night, but I return to you again and love you;