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ſo that her huſband was almoſt diſtracted, and at laſt, they concluded ſhe was taken away by ſome courtier; and in three days after, a Lady informed then that ſhe was with the King. This added more to their grief they knew not what courſe to take; and they knew if they went to croſs the King, it would be their ruin.

They made enquiry indeed, if it was her voluntary act, and finding it was and ſhe, quite unwilling to leave her new lover, they left all hope of recovering her, ſo that Mr. Shore growing melancholy, ſold off all he had, and went abroad, but having ſpent his fortune, he returned in a poor condition, he practiſed clipping and filing gold coin to mantain himſelf; for which he ſuffered death in the latter end of Henry VIII’s reign.

Jane Shore having rendered up her chaſtity to the King, pleaſed with the glittering at a court, and endeared by a monarch’s love, was admired by the vulgar, towards whom ſhe