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of quite different tempers, one the moſt religious, and the other the merrieſt in England, and indeed ſhe was had in great favour all the reign of the King having crowds of petitioners waiting at her chamber-door, or at the chariot ſide when ſhe was to ride abroad, whoſe ſuits to the utmoſt of her power ſhe preferred. As for Mrs Blague, who leaſt deſerved of her, ſhe procured of the King a ſtately houſe and Manor, worth 2801 a year. The Romiſh Prieſts much ſpited her, becauſe the ſheltered many from their rage and fury, after they had burned John Huſs for a heretic.

As no worldly pomp nor greatneſs is of long continuance, ſo now her glory was ended, and her days of inexpreſſible miſery began; for the king dying at Weſtminſter, in the fortieth year of his reign, no ſooner was he buried in the chapel of his own founding, at Windſor, but Crook-back’d Richard, his brother, who murder’d Henry VI. and prince