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a bottle of wine, and they drank merrily, the good man beginning with a health to the King, which the King pledged him in. So when ſome other healths had paſſed, the King aſked, if there was not a miſtreſs to ſo fair a houſe? otherwiſe, he could help him to a wife, rich, young and beautiful.

For this offer, Shore thanked him, but told him, he was already married to ſuch a one as he deſcribed, whom he loved entirely. This diſcourſe made the King more deſirous to ſee her ere he departed, and aſked if he could not have a sight of her. Shore, little thinking what was intended for his ruin, and proud of his wife’s beauty, ſoon yielded to his requeſt, and ordered her to be called down, who came attired in a ſky-coloured morning gown, flowered with gold, embroidered with pearls and ſpangles, her head attired with curious lace, under which her hair flowed wantonly, and her bluſhes made her appear ſtill more beautiful,