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The Little Book of the

be so mean as to shift it off upon another if it is yours.

One thing harder still in the matter of courage. Do not fear to be laughed at. I do not ask you to like it, but it does not matter being laughed at if you are in the right. The laughter soon passes away, but the right remains. By giving in just because you are laughed at, you make yourself quite as bad, most likely worse, and certainly more foolish, than those who have jeered at you.

Countless souls have been lost because they dreaded the laughter of fools, which so soon passed away. What would they not give now for their chance over again, laughter and all? But they cannot have it.


Dare to confess your Faith, if called upon, wherever you are; or rather, do not dare to deny it in word or deed. To deny the Faith is to deny God.