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Little Women.

The little grave where her infant sleeps, Is 'neath the chestnut tree; But o'er Tier grave we may not weep, We know not where it may be.

Her empty bed, her idle ball, Will never see her more; No gentle tap, no loving purr Is heard at the parlor door.

Another cat comes after her mice, A cat with a dirty face; But she does not hunt as our darling did. Nor play with her airy grace.

Her stealthy paws tread the very hall Where Snowball used to play. Bat she only spits at the dogs our pet So gallantly drove away.

She is useful and mild, and does her best, But she is not fair to see ; And we cannot give her your place, dear. Nor worship her as we worship thee.

A. S.


MISS ORANTHT BLUGG-AGE, the accomplished Strong-Mindod Lec- turer, will deliver her famous Lecture on " Woman and Her Position," at Pickwick Hall, next Saturday Evening, after the usual performances.

A WEEKLY MEETING will be held at Kitchen Place, to teach young ladies how to cook. Hannah Brown will preside; and all are invited to attend.

THE DUSTPAN SOCIETY will meet on Wednesday next, and parade in the upper story of the Club House. All members to appear in uniform and shoulder their brooms at nine precisely.

MRS. BETH BOUNCER will open her new assortment of Doll's Millinery next week. The latest Paris Fash ions have arrived, and orders are re- spectfully solicited.

A NEW PLAY will appear at the Barnville Theatre, in the course of a few weeks, which will surpass any- thing ever seen on the American stage. " The Greek Slave, or Constan- tine the Avenger," is the name of this thrilling drama!!!


If S. P. didn't use so much soap ou his hands, he wouldn't always be late at breakfast. A. S. is requested not to whistle in the street. T. T. please don't forget Amy's napkin. N. W. must not fret because his dress has not nine tucks.


Meg — Good. Jo — Bad. Beth — Very good. Amy — Middling.

As the President finished reading the paper (which T beg leave to assure my readers is a bona fide copy of one written by bona fide girls once upon a time),