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Camp Laurence.

who lived in this old castle, and was told that several captive princesses were kept there by a spell, and spun all day to lay up money to buy their liberty. The knight wished intensely that he could free them ; but he was poor, and could only go by each day, watching for the sweet face, and longing to see it out in the sunshine. At last, he resolved to get into the castle, and ask how he could help them. He went and knocked ; the great door flew open, and he be- held— "

"A ravishingly lovely lady, who exclaimed, with a cry of rapture, ' At last ! at last ! ' " continued Kate, who had read French novels, and admired the style. " ' 'Tis she ! ' cried Count Gustave, and fell at her feet in an ecstasy of joy. ' Oh, rise ! ' she said, extending a hand of marble fairness. ' Neve'r ! till you tell me how I may rescue you,' swore the knight, still kneel- ing. 'Alas, my cruel fate condemns me to remain here till my tyrant is destroyed.' ' Where is the vil- lain .'" 'In the mauve salon ; go, brave heart, and save me from despair.' ' I obey, and return victorious or dead ! ' With these thrilling words he rushed away, and, flinging open the door of the mauve salon, was about to enter, when he received — "

" A stunning blow from the big Greek lexicon, which an old fellow in a black gown fired at him," said Ned. " Instantly Sir What's-his-name recovered himself, pitched the tyrant out of the window, and turned to join the lady, victorious, but with a bump on his brow ; found the door locked, tore up the curtains, make a rope ladder, got half-way down when ladder broke, and he went head first into the moat.