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Camp Laurence.

"Don't you think the English nation perfect in every respect? " asked Sallie.

" I should be ashamed of myself if I didn't."

" He's a true John Bull. Now, Miss Sallie, you shall have a chance without waiting to draw. I'll harrow up your feelings first by asking if you don't think you are something of a flirt," said Laurie, as Jo nodded to Fred, as a sign that peace was declared.

" You impertinent boy ! of course I'm not," ex- claimed Sallie, with an air that proved the contrary.

" What do you hate most? " asked Fred.

" Spiders and rice pudding."

" What do you like best? " asked Jo.

" Dancing and French gloves."

" Well, I think Truth is a very silly play ; let's have a sensible game of Authors, to refresh our minds," proposed Jo.

Ned, Frank, and the little girls joined in this, and, while it went on, the three elders sat apart, talking. Miss Kate took out her sketch again, and Margaret watched her, while Mr. Brooke lay on the grass, with a book, which he did not read.

" How beautifully you do it; I wish I could draw," said Meg, with mingled admiration and regret in her voice.

"Why don't you learn? I should think you had taste and talent for it," replied Miss Kate, graciously.

" I haven't time."

"Your mamma prefers other accomplishments, I fancy. So did mine ; but I proved to her that I had talent, by taking a few lessons privately, and then she