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Laurie bent and whispered three words in Jo's ear, which produced a comical change. She stood and stared at him for a minute, looking both surprised and displeased, then walked on, saying sharply, " How do you know ? "

" Saw it."


" Pocket."

"All this time?"

" Yes ; isn't that romantic ? "

" No, it's horrid."

" Don't you like it? "

"Of course I don't; it's ridiculous; it won't be allowed. My patience ! what would Meg say ? "

" You are not to tell any one ; mind that."

"I didn't promise."

" That was understood, and I trusted you."

" Well, I won't for the present, any way ; but I'm disgusted, and wish you hadn't told me."

" I thought you'd be pleased."

" At the idea of anybody coming to take Meg away ? No, thank you."

"You'll feel better about it when somebody comes to take you away."

" I'd like to see any one try it," cried Jo, fiercely.

" So should I ! " and Laurie chuckled at the idea.

" I don't think secrets agree with me ; I feel rumpled up in my mind since you told me that," said Jo, rather ungratefully.

" Race down this hill with me, and you'll be all right," suggested Laurie.

No one was in sight; the smooth road sloped in-