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Little Women.

"I am glad a task to me is given, To labor at day by day; For it brings me health, and strength, and hope, And I cheerfully learn to say, —

  • Head you may think, Heart you may feel,

But Hand you shall work alway!'"

" Dear Mother :

" There is only room for me to send my love^ and some pressed pansies from the root I have been keeping safe in the house, for father to see. I read every morning, try to be good all day, and sing myself to sleep with father's tune. I can't sing ' Land of the Leal' now; it makes me cry. Everyone is very kind, and we are as happy as we can be without you. Amy wants the rest of the page, so I must stop. I didn't forget to cover the holders, and I wind the clock and air the rooms every day.

" Kiss dear father on the cheek he calls mine. Oh, do come soon to your loving

"Little Beth."

"Ma Chere Mamma: "We are all well I do my lessons always and never corroberate the girls — Meg says I mean con- tradick so I put in both words and you can take the properest. Meg is a great comfort to me and lets me have jelly every night at tea its so good for me Jo says because it keeps me sweet tempered. Laurie is not as respeckful as he ought to be now I am almost in my teens, he calls me Chick and hurts my feelings by