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Little Women.

we did something, and off I pelted to the office yester- day, for the doctor looked sober, and Hannah most took my head off when I proposed a telegram. I never can bear to be 'marmed over;' so that settled my mind, and I did it. Your mother will come, I know, and the late train is in at two, a. m. I shall go for her ; and you've only got to bottle up your rapture, and keep Beth quiet, till that blessed lady gets here."

" Laurie, you're an angel ! How shall I ever thank you.?"

" Fly at me again ; I rather like it," said Laurie, looking mischievous, — a thing he had not done for a fortnight.

"No, thank you. I'll do it by proxy, when your grandpa comes. Don't tease, but go home and rest, for you'll be up half the night. Bless you, Teddy ; bless you ! "

Jo had backed into a corner ; and, as she finished her speech, she vanished precipitately into the kitchen, where, she sat down upon a dresser, and told the assembled cats that she was " happy, oh, so happy ! " while Laurie departed, feeling that he had made rather a neat thing of it.

" That's the interferingest chap I ever see ; but I forgive him, and do hope Mrs. March is coming on right away," said Hannah, with an air of relief, when Jo told the good news.

Meg had a quiet rapture, and then brooded over the letter, while Jo set the sick-room in order, and Han- nah "knocked up a couple of pies in case of company unexpected." A breath of fresh air seemed to blow through the house, and something better than sunshine