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Amy's Will.

" I wish my favorite playmate Kitty Bryant to have the blue silk apron and my gold-bead ring with a kiss.

" To Hannah I give the band-box she wanted and all the patch work I leave hoping she 'will remember me, when it you see.'

"And now having disposed of my most valuable property I hope all will be satisfied and not blame the dead. I forgive every one, and trust we may all meet when the trump shall sound. Amen.

" To this will and testiment I set my hand and seal on this 20th day of Nov. Anni Domino 1861.

" Amy Curtis March.

Estelle Valnor Theodore Laurence. " Witnesses:

The last name was written in pencil, and Amy ex- plained that he was to rewrite it in ink, and seal it up for her properly.

"What put it into your head? Did anyone tell you about Beth's giving away her things?" asked Laurie, soberly, as Amy laid a bit of red tape, with sealing-wax, a taper, and a standish before him.

She explained ; and then asked, anxiously, " What about Beth?"

"I'm sorry I spoke; but as I did, I'll tell you. She felt so ill one day, that she told Jo she wanted to give her piano to Meg, her bird to you, and the poor old doll to Jo, who would love it for her sake. She was sorry she had so little to give, and left locks of hair to the rest of us, and her best love to grandpa. She never thought of a will."

Laurie was signing and sealing as he spoke, and