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Little Women.

showed no sign of relenting, he felt injured, and turned his back on her till the others were done with him, when he made her a low bow, and walked off without a word.

As soon as he had gone, she wished she had been more forgiving ; and, when Meg and her mother went up stairs, she felt lonely, and longed for Teddy. After resisting for some time, she yielded to the im- pulse, and, armed with a book to return, went over to the big house.

" Is Mr. Laurence in ? " asked Jo, of a housemaid, who was coming down stairs.

"Yes, miss ; but I don't believe he's seeable just yet."

"Why not; is he ill?"

" La, no, miss ! but he's had a scene with Mr. Lau- rie, who is in one of his tantrums about something, which vexes the old gentleman, so I dursn't go nigh him."

" Where is Laurie ? "

"Shut up in his room, and he won't answer, though I've been a-tapping. I don't know what's to become of the dinner, for it's ready, and there's no one to eat it."

" I'll go and see what the matter is. I'm not afraid of either of them."

Up went Jo, and knocked smartly on the door of Laurie's little study.

"Stop that, or I'll open the door and make you ! " called out the young gentleman, in a threatening tone.

Jo immediately pounded again ; the door flew open, and in she bounced, before Laurie could recover from his surprise. Seeing that he really was out of temper,