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Little Women.

"A portrait of Joanna, see, By Raphael No. 2, Who labored with great industry, To make it fair and true.

" Accept a ribbon red I beg. For Madam Purrer's tail ; And ice cream made by lovely Peg,— A Mont Blanc in a pail.

"Their dearest love my makers laid Within my breast of snow. Accept it, and the Alpine maid. From Laurie and from Jo."

How Beth laughed when she saw it! how Laurie ran up and down to bring in the gifts, and what ridic- ulous speeches Jo made as she presented them !

" Fm so full of happiness, that, if father was only here, I couldn't hold one drop more," said Beth, quite sighing with contentment as Jo carried her oft' to the study to rest after the excitement, and to refresh her- self with some of the delicious grapes the "Jungfrau" had sent her.

" So am I," added Jo, slapping the pocket wherein reposed the long-desired Undine and Sintram.

" I'm sure I am," echoed Amy, poring over the en- graved copy of the Madonna and Child, which her mother had given her, in a pretty frame.

" Of course I am," cried Meg, smoothing the silvery folds of her first silk dress ; for Mr. Laurence had insisted on giving it.

" How can I be otherwise ! " said Mrs. March, grate- fully, as her eyes went from her husband's letter to