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Messrs. Roberts Brothers' Publications.


SWEET COUNSEL. A Book for Girls. By Sarah Tytler. 16mo. $2.25.

THE PIGEON PIE. A Tale of Roundhead Times. By Miss Yonge. Illustrated. 16mo. $1.25.

HELEN AND HER COUSINS; or, Two Months at Ashfield Rectory, Illustrated. 18mo. 50 cents.

THE TANNER BOY. A Life of General Grant. Illustrated. 16mo. $1.50.

GASCOYNE; The Sandal-Wood Trader. By Ballantyne. Illustrated. 16mo. $ .50.

THE TIGER PRINCE:' or, Adventures in the Wilds of Abyssinia. By Dalton. Illustrated. 16mo. $1.50.

THE PRIVATEERSMAN. Adventures by Sea and Land. By Captain Marryatt. Illustrated. 16mo. $1.50.

SANDPORB AND MERTON. By Thomas Day. Illustrated. Square IGmo. $1.25.

POPULAR FAIRY TALES. Containing the choicest and best known Fairy Stories. Illustrated. 2 vols., square 16mo. Each, $1.25.

PAUL PRESTON'S VOYAGES, Travels, and Remarkable Adventures. Illustrated. Square 16mo. $1.25.

FIRESIDE TALES. In Prose and Verse. By Mary Howitt. Illustrated. 16mo. 75 cents.

THE SCOTTISH ORPHANS; and Arthur Monteith. By Mrs. Blackford. Illustrated. 16mo. 75 cents.

Mailed, post-paid, to any address, on receipt of the price by the Publishers.