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"call again!"

mrs. lee received a proposition from some friends in the village where she had spent her youth, that induced her at once to renounce her wearisome life in town and return there. She was to preside over the family of an old pair, whose some dozen children were married and dispersed. She was permitted to bring Jemmie with her, and advantageous situations were offered for her two little girls. Lucy, it was decided, should be left with Mrs. Lovett, and Lucy determined to consecrate her future earnings to Jemmie. This poor little fellow's heart was almost broken at parting with his sister. Without the extravagance of Rousseau's lover, he divided the world into two parts, "where she was and where she was not!"

Lucy continued through the year at Mrs. Lovett's, reminded by nothing but the regular receipt of her wages that she was at service. At the expiration of that time a sad change occurred. Mr. Lovett suddenly determined to remove to Ohio. He was the proprietor of land there, which was now promising to become very valuable, and both he and his wife expected, from a removal to that fine new country, physical and moral benefit to their children. The well-established bakehouse