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truth will prevail

Lucy, in her new sphere, which she felt to be a high and happy one, was daily acquiring knowledge in the domestic arts, and daily gaining on the faults she had contracted in her various service-places. Never was there an eye more vigilant than Mrs. Hyde's; never a quicker perception of the faults of those of whom she had the supervision. But hers was the keen perception of the parent, and the admonition that followed it was gentle; for, in imitation of Him whom she served, "love was her motive and reformation her object." Lucy received long letters from her mother, assuring her of her welfare, telling her that her sisters were well placed, and that Jemmie was profiting by her remittances. We insert a postscript written by himself. "The first letter that ever I write, I long ago said should be to dear, dear Lucy; and here it is. Can you read it? It's pretty crooked, but that is because my hand trembles, thinking I am writing to you. Dear Lucy, do leave off working, and come here to live. The money you have sent me is enough to pay my master a whole year, and by that time, he says, I shall write and cipher as well as anybody. When I think of what you are doing for me, I try so hard to improve that my heart beats like a drum, and then mother