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Cap. 167A

Maintenance of Religious Harmony

1991 Ed.

(6) A person shall be disqualified for appointment as a member of the Council who—

(a) is or has been found or declared to be of unsound mind;
(b) is insolvent or an undischarged bankrupt;
(c) has been convicted of an offence by a court in Singapore or Malaysia and sentenced to imprisonment for a term of not less than one year or to a fine of not less than $2,000 and has not received a free pardon:
Provided that where the conviction is by a court in Malaysia, the person shall not be so disqualified unless the offence is also one which, had it been committed in Singapore, would have been punishable by a court in Singapore; or
(d) has voluntarily acquired the citizenship of, or exercised the rights of citizenship in, a foreign country or has made a declaration of allegiance to a foreign country.

(7) A member shall vacate his seat in the Council—

(a) if he ceases to be a citizen of Singapore;
(b) if by writing under his hand addressed to the chairman he resigns his seat; or
(c) if he becomes subject to any of the disqualifications provided in subsection (6).

Functions of Council. 4.—(1) The functions of the Council shall be—

(a) to consider and report to the Minister on matters affecting the maintenance of religious harmony in Singapore which are referred to the Council by the Minister or by Parliament; and
(b) to consider and make recommendations on orders referred to the Council by the Minister under section 11.

(2) The Council shall have the power to appoint a Secretary to the Council and such other officers as may be required to enable the Council to carry out its functions under this Act.

(3) The Council may, subject to the provisions of this Act, regulate its own procedure.