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Extracts from the History of the Peloponnesian War. Jowett 320
The Plague at Athens 320
Public Funeral at Athens 327
The Siege of Plataea 332
The Retreat from Syracuse 337
Introductory Note 350
Memorabilia. Dakyns.
Socrates and Aristodemus 351
The Choice of Heracles 355
Socrates and Chaerecrates 360
Anabasis. Dakyns.
The Battle of Cunaxa 365
The First Glimpse of the Sea 368
Introductory Note 371
Note on Socrates 373
Gorgias. Jowett.
The True Politician 374
Crito. Jowett 377
Phaedo. Jowett.
The Death of Socrates 395
The Republic. Jowett.
The Ship of State 401
The Allegory of the Cave 408
Introductory Note 417
Oration on the Crown. Lord Brougham 418
Introductory Note 429
Idyl I. The Death of Daphnis. Calverley 430
Idyl VII. Harvest Home. Calverley 435
Idyl XV. The Festival of Adonis. Arnold 438
Introductory Note 444
Timon of Athens. Act. III.. Sheldon 445
A Dialogue of the Dead. Sheldon 453
Peregrinus. Sheldon 454