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Sae there's my loof I swear and vow,
For I fe to be your ain
Now there's my loof in thine lad,
In thine lad, in thine lad,
In hopes you will prove kin' lad,
and tak me for your ain

The Broad Swords of OLD SCOTLAND.

WHEN our valiant ancestors did land in this isle,
Brave Fergus commanded and vict'ry did smile,
With their Broad Swords in their hand they well cleared the sail!
O the Broad Swords of old Scotland
And O the Old Scottish Broad Swords!

The Romans the Picts, and the Old Britons too
Us, by fraud and by guile did attempt to subdue;
But their schemes prov'd abortive while we did prove true,
O the Broad Swords &c

Tho' some factious Nobles to serve their own end,
Did join with the English, themselves to befriend,
And we lost at first they did lose in the end,
O the Broad Swords &c

Remember brave Wallace who bold'y did play,
Bruce at Bannockburn, what a glorious day!
The flowers of Old England our heroes did stay.
O the Broad Swords &c.

See Edward their King, take his heels in a fright,

Nor e'er look'd behind but in Berwick alight,