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of cream, 2 tablespoonfuls of milk (about), the grated rind of ½ a lemon, salt.

Method.—Stone the cherries by means of a wooden skewer, put them with the cinnamon, 2 tablespoonfuls of cold water, and the moist sugar, into a jar placed in a saucepan containing boiling water, cook until tender, and allow them to cool. Heat the cream, add the flour, previously blended smoothly with the milk, boil well, then add the sugar and a good pinch of salt. Let it cool slightly, then beat in the yolks of eggs separately, add the lemon-rind, and lastly the stiffly whipped whites of eggs. Have ready a well-buttered plain mould, place a layer of cherries on the bottom, then a layer of the mixture, and repeat until the mould is full. Cover with a greased paper, and bake in a moderately hot oven for about 40 minutes. Serve with a sweet sauce or fruit syrup.

Time.—About 1½ hours. Average Cost, 1s. 3d. Sufficient for 5 or 6 persons.

1807.—CHESTNUT PUDDING. (Fr.Pouding aux Marrons.)

Ingredients.—6 ozs. of chestnuts (weighed after the skins are removed), 1 oz. of chocolate, 2 ozs. of cake crumbs, 2 ozs. of flour, 2 ozs. of butter, 1 oz. of castor sugar, 4 eggs, ½ a pint of milk, ½ a teaspoonful of essence of vanilla.

Method.—Bake or roast the chestnuts, remove both skins, put them into a stewpan with a very small quantity of water, cook until tender, then rub through a fine sieve. Break the chocolate into small pieces, put it and the milk into a stewpan, and simmer until dissolved. In another stewpan melt the butter, stir in the flour, cook for 2 or 3 minutes, then add the milk, and stir until it boils. The cakecrumbs must now be added, and the mixture stirred and cooked until it leaves the sides of the stewpan clear. Allow it to cool a little, then beat in the yolks of the eggs, and add the chestnut purée and the vanilla essence. Whisk the whites of eggs to a stiff froth, stir them lightly into the mixture, pour into a well-buttered mould, cover with buttered paper, and either steam for 1½ hours or bake in a moderately hot oven for 1 hour. Serve with vanilla or custard sauce.

Time.—About 2¾ hours. Average Cost, 1s. to 1s. 2d. Sufficient for 6 or 7 persons.


Ingredients.—4 eggs, 2 ozs. of castor sugar, 2 ozs. of butter warmed, 1 tablespoonful of ground almonds, essence of bitter almonds, 1 lemon, No. 1667, or 1668

Method.—Stir the yolks of the eggs and sugar together until thick