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quantity of brandy, the juice. of ½ a lemon, a little grated nutmeg, 3 ozs. of pounded sugar, whipped cream.

Method.—Mix all the ingredients, put the syllabub into glasses, and over the top of them heap a little whipped-cream. Solid syllabub is made by whisking or milling the mixture to a stiff froth, and putting it in the glasses without the whipped-cream at the top.

Time.—20 minutes. Average Cost, 2s. 9d. to 3s. 3d. Sufficient to fill 8 or 9 glasses.


Ingredients.—8 sponge cakes, raspberry jam, 1 pint of custard No. 2104, ¼ of a pint of sherry.

Method.—Split the cakes, spread on a good layer of jam, replace the halves, arrange them compactly in a dish, giving them as far as possible the appearance of one large cake. Pour over the sherry, and let them soak for 1 hour. Make the custard as directed, and, when cool, pour it over. The cake may be garnished with cherries, angelica, chopped pistachois, or baked almonds.

Time.—About 1¼ hours. Average Cost, 1s. 9d. Sufficient for 6 or 7 persons.


Ingredients.—3 ozs. of flour, 3 ozs. of castor sugar, 3 eggs, 3 or 4 tablespoonfuls of rum, desiccated cocoanut.

Method.—Beat the eggs and sugar together until thick and smooth, and stir in the flour as lightly as possible. Coat 6 or 7 well-buttered dariol moulds thickly with castor sugar, fill them three-quarters full with the mixture, and bake in a moderately hot oven. When cooked, baste them with rum sweetened to taste, sprinkle lightly with cocoanut, and serve cold.

Time.—About 20 minutes. Average Cost, 9d. Sufficient for 6 or 7 persons.

2169.—TRIFLE, No. 1.

Ingredients.—4 sponge cakes, 6 macaroons, 12 ratafias, 2 ozs. of almonds (blanched and shredded), the grated rind of ½ a lemon, ½ a pint of custard No. 2104, ½ a pint of cream, 2 whites of eggs, castor sugar, raspberry or strawberry jam, ¼ of a pint of sherry, glacé cherries, angelica.

Method.—Make the custard as directed, and let it become quite cold. Cut the sponge cakes into rather thick slices, spread half of them with jam, cover with the remainder, and arrange them alternately with the macaroons and ratafias in a glass dish. Pour over the wine, adding a