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Method.—Peel the cucumbers, cut them into ½-inch slices, sprinkle them liberally with salt, and let them remain until the following day. Let the cucumber drain for at least 2 hours on a hair sieve, then place in wide-necked glass bottles. Boil the vinegar, salt, peppercorns and spice together, pour it while hot over the cucumber, and cover closely. If stored in a cool, dry place this pickle will keep good for some time, but as it is liable to become mouldy the bottles should be frequently examined. When the first speck of mould appears re-boil the vinegar, immerse the slices of cucumber in it for 1 minute, then put them into a clean dry bottle, and pour the boiling vinegar over them.

Time.—2 days. Average Cost, 6d. each.


Ingredients.—Cucumbers, salt.

Method.—Pare and slice the cucumbers thinly, sprinkle liberally with salt, and let them remain until the following day. Drain off the liquor, pack the slices closely in jars, sprinkling each layer thickly with salt, and cover with parchment paper, or paper coated on both sides with white of egg. When wanted for use, wash well in cold water, drain well, and dress with pepper, vinegar and oil.

Time.—24 hours. Average Cost, 6d.


Ingredients.—7 lbs. of sound, dry damson plums, 4 lbs. of good preserving sugar, ¾ of an oz. of stick cinnamon, ¾ of an oz. of cloves, vinegar to cover.

Method.—Remove the stalks but not the stems of the fruit, place them in layers in a large jar, sprinkle each layer with sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Cover the whole with vinegar, place the jar in a saucepan of boiling water, cook gently until the juice flows freely, then put the jar aside until the contents are quite cold. Then drain the syrup into a stewpan, bring to boiling point, and pour it over the fruit. Repeat this process for 7 or 8 days, when the skins should be hard and the plums have a clear appearance. After the last boiling let the plums remain in the large jar for 7 days, then transfer them to smaller jars. Boil the syrup, pour it over the plums, and when cold cover with a bladder or paper brushed over on both sides with white of egg. Cherries may be pickled in this way. If stored in a dry, moderately cool place, they may be kept for years.

Time.—From 14 to 15 days. Average Cost, damsons from 2d. to 6d. per lb.