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gherkins. Cover closely, let the jar stand in a warm place until the following day, then drain off the vinegar into a saucepan. Boil up, pour the vinegar at once over the gherkins, and let them remain covered until the following day. This process must be repeated daily until the gherkins are sufficiently green; they should then be put into wide-necked glass bottles, covered completely with vinegar, for which purpose it may be necessary to supplement that already used. They should be tightly corked before being stored away.

Time.—5 or 6 days. Average Cost, uncertain, as they are rarely sold.


Ingredients.—Horseradish, vinegar.

Method.—Scrape the outer skin off the horseradish, cut it into ½-inch lengths, and place them in wide-necked bottles or small unglazed jars. Cover with good malt vinegar, cork the bottles tightly or fasten parchment paper securely over the tops of the jars. Keep the pickle in a cool, dry place.

Average Cost.—Horseradish, 2d. to 3d. per stick.


Ingredients.—Green corn, spiced vinegar (see recipe for Vinegar, Spiced, No. 2704), salt.

Method.—Boil the corn in salt and water, drain well, and cover with spiced vinegar. When cold, fasten down securely, and store in a dry, cool place.


Ingredients.—To each gallon of vinegar allow 6 cloves of garlic, 12 shallots, 2 sticks of sliced horseradish, ¼ of a lb. of bruised ginger, 2 ozs. of whole black pepper, 1 oz. of long pepper, 1 oz. of allspice, 12 cloves, ¼ of an oz. of cayenne, 2 ozs. of mustard seed, ¼ of a lb. of mustard, 1 oz. of turmeric, a white cabbage, cauliflowers, radish pods, French beans, gherkins, small round pickling onions, nasturtiums, capsicums, chillies, etc.

Method.—Cut the cabbage, which must be hard and white, into slices, and the cauliflowers into small branches; sprinkle salt over them in a large dish, and let them remain for 2 days. Then dry the vegetables, and put them into a very large jar, with garlic, shallots, horseradish, ginger, pepper, allspice, and cloves in the above proportions. Boil sufficient vinegar to cover the ingredients, and pour it over them, and, when cold, cover closely. As the other materials for the pickle ripen at different times, they may be added as they are ready; these will be radish pods, French beans, gherkins, small onions, nasturtiums,