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Strain into another cask, passing the liquid near the bottom repeatedly through a jelly-bag or fine muslin until quite clear, add the brandy, the sugar-candy crushed to a powder, and the finely-pared rind of the lemons. Keep the wine well bunged for 2 years, then bottle, cork and seal securely, store it in a cool, dry place for one year longer, when it will be ready for use.


Ingredients. —1 pint of ripe raspberries, 1 quart of French brandy, ¼ of a lb. of loaf sugar, 2 tablespoonfuls of cold water.

Method.—Put the raspberries into a wide-necked bottle, pour the brandy over them, cork the bottle tightly, and let it stand in a moderately warm place for 14 days. Have ready a thick syrup, made by boiling together the sugar and water until the right consistency is obtained. Strain the liquor from the bottle repeatedly until quite clear, then mix it with the syrup, and pour the whole into small bottles. Cork them securely, and store for use.


Ingredients.—1 quart of ripe raspberries, 1 quart of good gin, 1 lb. of sugar-candy.

Method.—Break the sugar-candy in small pieces, put it into a jar with the raspberries and gin, cover closely, and let it remain thus for 12 months, shaking it daily for 3 or 4 weeks. At the end of the time strain or filter until clear, and bottle for use.


Ingredients.—3 lbs. of ripe raspberries, 3 pints of white wine vinegar, loaf sugar.

Method.—Put 1 lb. of picked raspberries into a wide-necked glass bottle, pour over them the vinegar, and let them infuse for 3 days. Strain the liquid through a hair sieve, drain the fruit thoroughly, but do not squeeze it. Pour the liquid over another lb. of the raspberries, and after 3 days strain and drain as before. Repeat the process with the third lb. of raspberries. Measure the liquid; to each pint allow 1 lb. of sugar; put the whole into a saucepan (preferably an enamelled one), and boil gently for 10 minutes, skimming when necessary meanwhile. When quite cold strain into small bottles, cork securely, and store for use.

3542.—RASPBERRY VINEGAR. (Another Method.)

Ingredients.—2 quarts of raspberries, 2 quarts of white vine vinegar. To each pint of liquid obtained from these add 1 lb. of loaf sugar.