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First pluck the birds, and wipe them outside with a damp cloth, but do not draw them. Twist the legs, thrust them close to the body; skin the neck and head, and bring the beak round under the wing. The birds should then be placed on toast.


These are dressed in the same way as snipe.

3944.—TO SKIN AND TRUSS A HARE. (Trussing Illustration No. 5, Figs. 6 and 7.)

Cut off the fore and hind legs at the first joint, make a long slit in the skin underneath the body, detach it from the flesh, and draw it over the hind legs, leaving the tail on. The next step is to draw the skin over the back and slip out the fore legs, easing it with a knife, if necessary, over the neck and head, and being very careful not to injure the ears, which are left on. In skinning this is the most delicate part, and one that is always found difficult by the amateur, but the appear- ance of a roast hare is spoilt if the ears are torn or otherwise injured.

To hang the hare on a hook is a most convenient way of accom- plishing the skinning, as both hands are thus free and the skin can be thus far more carefully removed and with far greater ease than if the animal be laid upon a board.

Slit the body in the same direction as the skin was cut, remove all the viscera except the kidneys, and wipe the inside with a clean damp cloth. Next cut the sinews beneath the hind legs and press them to- wards the head, and bring the fore legs backwards to the hind ones.

When the legs are arranged in the manner indicated, a skewer can be passed through the two legs on one side, through the body and the two legs on the other side, the chief part of the trussing being thus effected by means of one skewer.

Press back the head (Fig. 6), pass a skewer through the top of the shoulder, the back of the neck, and out through the top of the opposite shoulder.


Empty, skin and wash the rabbit thoroughly, wipe it dry, and take out the eyes.

Then cut off the fore joints of the shoulders and legs, and, bringing them close to the body, fasten with needle and twine, skewer firmly.

Thirdly, raise the head and skewer it back between the shoulders.

Put stuffing in (if liked) when for roasting, and sew up.