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paste together. Brush the rissolettes over with beaten egg, roll them in crushed vermicelli (crushed in the hand), and fry them until lightly browned in hot fat. Arrange them in a pyramidal form, on a folded serviette or dish-paper, garnish with fried parsley, and serve.

Time.—From 40 to 50 minutes. Average Cost, 6d. to 8d., exclusive of the meat. Sufficient for a small dish.

760.—SCOTCH COLLOPS. (Fr.Rechauffé de veau à l'Eccossaise.)

Ingredients.—Cold roast veal, ½ a pint of veal stock, rashers of bacon rolled and fried, ¾ of an oz. of butter, ¾ of an oz. of flour, 1 teaspoonful of lemon-juice, 2 or 3 thin strips of lemon-rind, 1 small onion, mace or nutmeg, salt and pepper.

Method.—Cut the meat into slices ½ an inch thick, and trim them into oval or round pieces from 2 to 3 inches in size. Score them on both sides with a sharp knife, sprinkle them liberally with salt, pepper and powdered mace or nutmeg, and put aside. Place any bones and trimmings there may be in a stawpan with the onion, lemon-rind, a little mace or nutmeg, and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Cover with cold water, simmer gently for 1 hour, then strain and add stock or water to make up the ½ pint. Melt the butter in a stewpan, add the flour, stir and cook the mixture slowly until it acquires a nut-brown colour, then add the strained stock. Stir until boiling, season to taste, and simmer gently for 20 minutes. Meanwhile dip the collops in a little flour seasoned with salt and pepper, fry them lightly in a little hot butter or fat, then drain and arrange neatly on a hot dish. Add the lemon-juice to the prepared sauce, strain round the collops, garnish with the crisply-fried rolls of bacon, and serve.

Time.—About 1½ hours. Average Cost, 6d., exclusive of the meat. Sufficient—Allow 1 lb. for 3 or 4 persons. Seasonable at any time.

761.—SCOTCH COLLOPS. (Another way.)

Ingredients.—1 lb. of lean mutton (chops), 1 oz. of butter, ½ a small onion, 1 teaspoonful of chopped parsley, 1 tablespoonful of flour, stock, salt and pepper, croutons of bread, 1 gill of stock.

Method.—Free the meat from bones and fat, and chop it or mince it evenly, but not too finely. Chop finely the onion, fry, i.e. blend, in the butter, put in the meat and cook quickly over the fire for a few minutes. Sprinkle in the flour, stir for a while and moisten with the stock, boil up, skim and cook gently for about ½ an hour. Season to taste, add the chopped parsley. Dish up, and garnish with croutons of fried bread.