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of them arrange the cutlets to slightly overlap each other, and on each place 1 or 2 slices of kidney, and an oyster. Season well, put in the remainder of the potatoes, but let the top layer consist of small potatoes cut in halves and uniformly arranged to improve the appearance of the dish. Pour down the side of the dish ½ a pint of hot stock, or hot water, seasoned with salt and pepper. Brush the upper layer of potatoes over with warm butter, cover with a buttered paper, and bake for 2 hours in a moderate oven. The paper must be removed during the latter part of the time to allow the potatoes to become crisp and brown. When ready to serve, pour in a little gravy, and send the rest to table in a tureen. The hot pot must be served in the dish in which it is baked.

Time.—About 2 hours. Average Cost, 4s. Sufficient for 5 or 6 persons.

Note.—For a more economical dish, see "Hot Pot," made of beef.

1010.—HUNTER'S MUTTON. (Fr.Mouton à la Chasseur.)

Ingredients.—A boned leg of mutton, 8 ozs. of common salt, 4 ozs. of bay-salt, 1½ ozs. of moist sugar, 1 oz. of saltpetre, 1 teaspoonful of ground allspice, ½ a teaspoonful of ground cloves, ½ a nutmeg grated, slices of bacon.

Method.—Mix the salting ingredients well together, and rub the mixture over the entire surface of the meat, the skin being previously closely scored, to allow the flavour to penetrate. Turn and rub the meat daily for a fortnight, then rinse in warm water, and bind it into a good shape. Place in a deep baking-dish or tin with about ½ a pint of water, cover first with slices of bacon, and afterwards with several folds of well-greased paper, which must be secured round the edge of the dish or tin to keep in the steam. Cook as gently as possible for 4 hours, press until cold, then glaze, and use as required.

Time.—To pickle, 14 days. To cook, 4 hours. Average Cost, 1s. per lb.

1011.—IRISH STEW. (Fr.Ragoût à l'Irlandaise.)

Ingredients.—3 lb. of neck of mutton, 4 lb. of potatoes, 1 large onion, 12 button onions, 1½ pints of stock or water, salt and pepper, a little finely-chopped parsley.

Method.—Cut the meat into pieces convenient for serving, and trim off some of the fat. Wash, peel, and slice the potatoes and the large onion, peel the button onions and blanch them. Put a layer of potatoes at the bottom of a stewpan, cover these with a layer of meat, add a slice or two of onion, and season well with salt and pepper. Repeat until all the materials are used; the top layer must consist of potato, and the button onions should be interspersed. Add the stock or water,