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Time.—1 hour. Average Cost, 4s. to 4s. 6d. Sufficient for 5 or 6 persons.

1036.—MUTTON, DEVILLED. (Fr.Mouton à la Diable.)

Ingredients.—8–9 slices of cold roast mutton, oiled butter, browned breadcrumbs, lemon-juice, salt and pepper, cayenne, watercress.

Method.—Season the meat with salt, pepper and cayenne, sprinkle with lemon-juice, and put aside for ½ an hour. When ready, dip it into oiled butter, coat lightly with browned breadcrumbs, and bake in a moderately hot oven for a few minutes. Arrange in a close circle on a hot dish, fill the centre with watercress seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon-juice, and serve.

Time.—To bake, about 10 minutes. Average Cost, 1s. 8d. to 1s 10d. Sufficient for a dish.


Ingredients.—½ a lb. of underdone mutton finely-chopped, 4 ozs. of cooked rice (see "Rice for Curries"), 3 ozs. of finely-chopped suet, 1 shallot or small onion finely-chopped, salt and pepper, egg, breadcrumbs, frying-fat, gravy made from the bones and trimmings.

Method.—Cook and dry the rice as directed, add to it the meat, suet, shallot, and a good seasoning of salt and pepper, mix the ingredients well together, and form them into cork-shaped pieces. Coat with egg and breadcrumbs, fry in hot fat until nicely browned, and drain well. Serve garnished with crisply-fried parsley, and send the gravy to table in a tureen.

Time.—To fry, 5 or 6 minutes. Average Cost, 5d., in addition to the meat. Sufficient for 3 or 4 persons. Seasonable at any time.

1038.—MUTTON, FRITTERS OF. (Fr.Beignets de Mouton.)

Ingredients.—Frying-batter (see "Apple Fritters"). For the meat mixture: ½ a lb. of finely-chopped cooked mutton, 1 teaspoonful of finely-chopped parsley, ¼ of a teaspoonful of finely-chopped shallot or onion, ½ an oz. of butter, ¾ of an oz. of flour, ¼ of a pint of strong stock, salt and pepper, frying-fat.

Method.—Make the batter as directed, and put it aside until required. Melt the butter in a stewpan. fry the onion lightly, then stir in first the flour and afterwards the stock, and boil quickly for 3 or 4 minutes, stirring meanwhile. Add salt, pepper, parsley and the meat, turn the preperation on to a plate, and when cool drop pieces about the size of a walnut into the batter. Take them put one at a time in a