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water thoroughly: water kills my seed as soon as it touches it—"

"But how will that help if you go on half a dozen times more?" she asked.

"Doctors say," I replied, "that what comes from me afterwards is not virile enough to impregnate a woman: I'll explain the process to you if you like; but you can take it, the fact is as I state it".

"When did you learn all this?" she asked.

"It has been my most engrossing study," I laughed, "and by far the most pleasureful!"

"You dear, dear," she cried, "I must kiss you for that".

"Do you know you kiss wonderfully?" she went on reflectingly, "with a lingering touch of the inside of the lips and then the thrust of the tongue: that's what excited me so the first time" and she sighed as if delighted with the memory.

"You didn't seem excited," I said half reproachfully, "for when I wanted another kiss, you drew away and said 'to-morrow'! Why are women so coquettish, so perverse?" I added, remembering Lucille and Jessie.

"I think it is that we wish to be sure of being desired," she replied, "and a little too that we want to prolong the joy of it, the delight of being wanted, really wanted! It is so easy for us to give and so exquisite to feel a man's desire pursuing us! Ah how rare it is", she sighed passionately, "and how quickly lost! You'll soon tire of your mistress", she added, "now that I am all yours and thrill only for you" and she took my head in her hands and kissed me passionately, regretfully.

"You kiss better than I do, Lorna! Where did you acquire the art, Madame?" I asked, "I fear that you have been a naughty, naughty girl!"