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had stripped the sheet off: "I’ll wash that in the morning" she said laughing while doubling it into a ball and throwing it in the corner. I turned the gas on full: never was there a more seductive figure. Her skin was darkish, it is true; but not darker than that of an ordinary Italian or Spanish girl, and her form had a curious attraction for me: her breasts, small and firm as elastic, stood out provocatively; her hips, however, were narrower than even Lily's though the cheeks of her bottom were full; her legs too were well-rounded, not a trace of the sticks of the negro; her feet even were slender and high-arched.

"You are the loveliest girl I've ever seen!" I cried as I helped to put in the syringe and wash her sex.

"You're mah man!" she said proudly, "an' I want to show you that I can love better than any white trash; they only gives themselves airs!"

"You are white", I cried, "don't be absurd!" She shook her little head: "if you knew!" she said, "when I was a girl, a child, old white men, the best in town, used to say dirty words to me in the street and try to touch me—the beasts!" I gasped: I had had no idea of such contempt and persecution.

When we were back in bed together: "tell me, Sophy dear, how you learned to move with me in time as you do and give me such thrills!"

"Hoo!" she cried, gurgling with pleased joy, "that's easy to tell. I was scared you didn't like me, so this afternoon I went to wise ole niggah woman and ask her how to make man love you really! She told me to go right to bed with you and do that", and she smiled.

"Nothing more?" I asked: her eyes opened brightly, "Shu!" she cried, "if you want to do love again, I show you!" The next moment I was in her