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clothes on her sex. I felt the soft hairs and the form of it in breathless ecstasy; but I scarcely held it when she sprang upright: "how dare you!" she cried trying to push my hand away.

My sensations were too overpowering for words or act; my life was in my fingers; I held her cunt. A moment later I tried to touch her gently with my middle finger as I had touched E . . . .: 'twas a mistake: I no longer held her sex and at once Lucille whirled round and was free.

"I have a good mind to strike you", she cried; "I'll tell Mrs. Edwards", she snorted indignantly. "You're a bad, bad boy and I thought you nice. I'll never be kind to you again: I hate you!" she fairly stamped with anger.

I went to her, my whole being one prayer. "Don't please spoil it all", I cried. "You hurt so when you are angry, dear". She turned to me hotly: "I'm really angry, angry", she panted, "and you're a hateful rude boy and I don't like you any more", and she turned away again, shaking her dress straight. "Oh, how could I help it?" I began, "You're so pretty, oh, you are wonderful, Lucille".

"Wonderful", she repeated, sniffing disdainfully, but I saw she was mollified.

"Kiss me", I pleaded, "and don't be cross."

"I'll never kiss you again", she replied quickly, "you can be sure of that". I went on begging, praising, pleading for ever so long, till at length she took my head in her hands, saying:

"If you'll promise never to do that again, never, I'll give you a kiss and try to forgive you".

"I can't promise", I said, "it was too sweet; but kiss me and I'll try to be good".

She kissed me a quick peck and pushed me away.

"Didn't you like it?" I whispered, "I did awfully.