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ii s. XL FEB. 6, 191&] NOTES AND QUERIES.


1561, in the British Museum, ,has MS. notes.

The first English edition was issued, undated and unpaged, in 1566. Its title then ran :

" Theatrum Mundi : The Theatre or rule of the world, wherein may be sene the running ra'je and course of euery man's life, as touching misery and felicity. Translated into English by John Alday. Imprinted at London by BL. D. for Thomas Racket, and are to be sold at his shop in Paules church yarde at the signe of the Key."

The later London editions are dated 1574 .and 1581, also 1663 and 1679, the last being the one of which your correspondent has a copy. The 1663 edition was from a translation by Francis Farrer, and the 1679 was translated by Giles Rose. A copy of the 1574 edition ( Alday 's translation) was sold at Sotheby's, 17 March, 1902, in Lord Mexborough's sale. This was Isaac Reed's - copy, with his autograph. (Cf . Catalogue of the Sale of Isaac Reed's Library, November, 1807, where this identical copy appears as Lot 1717.)

Boaistuau was the author also of ' His- toires Prodigieuses,' which was dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. The author apparently came to London in 1559 to present a MS. copy to the Queen. Mr. Quaritch had the MS. of this copy for sale many years ago. See his ' General Catalogue,' ii/1246, where interesting details of the MS. and of the author's visit to London are given.

Boaistuau translated Bandello's story of 1 Romeo and Juliet ' into French in 1559. This was followed in 1562 by an English poetical version of the story, based upon Boaistuau's French translation, and was by Arthur Brooke (or Broke). A prose trans- lation of Boaistuau's story, as taken from Bandello, was given in Painter's ' Palace of Pleasure,' 1567. See J. P. Collier's ' Shake- speare's Library,' vol. ii., 1843, and also the New Shakspere Society's work ' Originals and Analogues,' 1875, pt. L, edited by P. A. Daniel. Shakespeare's ' Romeo and Juliet ' was issued first in 1597.

Boaistuau was a Breton, being born at Nantes, though the actual date does not appear to be known. He died in Paris in 1566. A few biographical facts relating to the author may be found in Larousse's ' Grand Dictionnaire,' also in Michaud's ' Biographic Universelle ' and Hoefer's 1 Nouvelle Biographie Universelle.' Brunet also has about a column and a half of well - arranged matter.


187, Piccadilly, W.

LUKE ROBINSON, M.P. (US. xi. 9, 55, 70). There are some omissions in SIR WILLIAM BULL'S extracts (ante, p. 55) from the Blue- Books of Members of Parliament.

Scarborough, 25 October, 1 645, concerning Sir Hugh Cholmley (not Chomley) and John Hothani, add "disabled to sit, the latter being since deceased."

Add from list of 1660 Parliament : John Legard, esq., vice "j Luke Robinson, esq., ( 25 July, 1660, whose election was de- { Scarborough Borough, clared void. J

This refers to Luke Robinson's cleetion dated 4 April, 1660,

Concerning the eighteenth -century Luke Robinson, add from list of 1741 Parlia- ment : Algernon, Earl of Mountrath in ^ R AT -i**,

the kingdom of Ireland. \ t&T^fcHS.' u

George Berkeley, esq. / Hedon Enough.

Foot-note. Return amended by Order of the House, dated 4 March, 1741-2, by erasing the names of Francis Chute, esq., and Luke Robinson, esq., and substituting the names of Algernon, Earl of Mountrath, and George Berkeley, esq.

Add from list of 1747 Parliament : John Savile, esq., of Methley, "^

county York. I 1 July, 1747,

Luke Robinson, esq., of Carey- | Hedon Borough.

street, London. J

This last extract is the only one in which Luke Robinson's address is given.

I may add, as to SIR WILLIAM BULL'S second extract, that in the Blue-Book Lil- burn and Lascelles are spelt Lilburne and Lascells ; and that in the fifth extract " Returns " should be Return.

In The London Magazine for June, 1754, in the ' Account of controverted Elections,' appears (p. 248) the result of the Hedon contest : Capt. Saunders and Capt. Denis, 97 votes ; Samuel Gumley and Luke Robinson, 31 votes.

Robinson's colleague in the representation of Hedon in the 1741 Parliament was Rear- Admiral George Anson, created Lord Anson, 13 June, 1747, a few days before the dissolu- tion of Parliament. He had been elected vice Earl of Mountrath, deceased.


"JACOB LARWOOD " (11 S. xi. 31, sub f The Slang Dictionary '). In his reply about ' The Slang Dictionary ' MR. PEET (ante, p. 31) writes :

"I very much doubt the existence of 'Jacob Larwood,' who is credited with the authorship of ' The History of Signboards,' ' Anecdotes of the Clergy,' &c."