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A BATH newspaper cutting, dated 6 Aug., 1813, records the death

  • ' on Sunday last, aged 53, of John Smith Leigh,

Esq., of Combhay, Provincial Grand Master of the Lodges of Freemasons in this County, and formerly lieut.-col. of the 1st reg. Somerset militia. . . . Invaluable in his station as a Country Gentleman, and long and universally beloved and respected in this city and its neighbourhood, the death of Mr. Leigh will make a void in society which will neither be speedily forgotten nor replaced."

In the hope of being able, through the kindness of some of your readers, to fill up

  • \> missing link in the Smith pedigree, the

following particulars are annexed.

Bobert Smith of Frome Selwood bought the manor of Foxcote, near Bath, from Hum- phrey Orange about the year 1690 (Collinson,

  • Hist, of Somerset,' iii. 350), to which he

added, ten years later, the adjoining estate of Stony Littleton, in Wellow parish, by purchase from the trustees of Henry Bayntun of Spye Park (conveyance dated 1 July, 1700).

He built a " mansion " at Littleton, which, after occupation by his descendants for nearly a century, was subsequently tenanted by a farmer, and now no longer exists. No local record relates how or when it was destroyed, but its site is quite evident from an estate-map of the year 1820, and the form of some terraces south-west of the house is still to be traced in the adjoining meadow. Bobert Smith married Dorothy, daughter of John Champneys of Orchardleigh, near Frome, "a woman of very close penurious Temper, a very strict Presbyterian " (Diary of Thos. Smith of Shaw, Wiltshire Archccol. Coll., vol. xi.). They were both buried at Foxcote (M.I. in that church). Their second son, John Smith I., married Arm, daughter of Thos. Bennett of Steeple Ashton (marr. sett, dated 20 Nov., 1713), and the Littleton estate was entailed on them and their issue. Did the manor of Foxcote pass to the elder son of Bobert I. and Dorothy ?

John Smith I. by his first wife, Ann Bennett, had an only daughter Ann, who married a first cousin, John Smith II., who on her early death, in 1751, aged 22, became the owner of Littleton, marrying secondly, in 1767, Catherine Houston, but dying the following year, having had no children by either of his wives ; and by his will, proved 11 March, 1768, Littleton^ de- volved on his nephew, John Smith III. of Combe Hay, M.P. for Bath, who only enjoyed the Littleton property for seven years, dying in 1775, and being succeeded by his^son John Smith IV., then a minor, who came of age in 1780, and in 1802 assumed by Boyal licence the name of Leigh the estimable gentleman referred to in the Bath obituary notice.

With Col. Leigh's widow ended the con- nexion of the family with the neighbourhood. He had sold Foxcote in the year 1786 to Sir John Henry Smyth of Ashton Court, Bristol (who, there is reason to believe, was a distant kinsman) ; Littleton was disposed of under the directions of the Colonel's will within a few years of his decease ; and his favourite residence of Combe Hay also passed to strangers.

The question is, what was Col. Leigh's exact descent from the Bobert Smith who bought Foxcote in 1690 ? It is perfectly clear that he was the eldest " son of John Smith [III.] and the Honourable Ann his wife," for he was baptized as such at Combe Hay, 23 July, 1759 ; whilst John Smith III. appears to have been the eldest son of " Bobert Smith. Esq., LL.D.," since a tablet in Combe Hay Church calls him Bobert's