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NOTES AND QUERIES. [ii s. XL FEB. 27, 1915.

POLHILL. Can any one supply the married name of Mr. Charles Polhill's daughter Patience ? Waylen and other authorities state she died unmarried, but I have recently become possessed of a copy of Noble's ' Protectoral House ' which had belonged to Mr. Charles Polhill, and contains various MS. notes and corrections of his. On p. 325 he gives details of his sons by his second marriage, and then writes : " & 1 Daughter

Patience B 3 Sons by my Daughter are

still living. May 1794. C. P." I am unable to read more of the name than the first letter, viz., B. E F. WILLIAMS.

JOHN REDE, D. 1557 : IDENTIFICATION OF HOUSE WANTED. Attached to the last will and testament of " John Rede, Keper of the King and Quene's Majesties Wardrobe of their palace of Westmonaster, gent." dated 16 Sept., 1557, and proved P.C.C. (51 Wrastley) 24 Nov., 1557 is an interest- ing inventory of household furniture.

The following rooms are mentioned : " the upper chamber in thestre ende of the Chappell," " the myddle chambre," " the West Chambre," " the Mydesmost east Chambre," " the great Chambre next to that," u " the Nethermost est Chambre," " the nethermost mydle Chambr," " the Chamber towards the Garden side," " the newe Chambre," " the lowest Chambre next the gardeyn," " the Chambre next and West from that," " the Chamber over yo hal," " the inward Chambre over the gate," " the Chamber over the gate," " the Chamber next unto the gardeyn for Alice Robinson," " Sir Walter Hungerforth Chambr," " M r Cookes Chambre," and " Mr. Burridge Chambre."

Can any one suggest to what house the inventory refers ? PERCY D. MUNDY.

LION WITH ROSE. Can any of your readers tell me what was the origin of the emblem, a gold lion rampant gardant, crowned, holding in the dexter paw a red rose with green leaves, and what it is sup- posed to represent ? I have seen it several timos grouped with the Union flag, and with the following motto :

Naught shall make us rue,

If England to itself do rest but true.

Many Welsh families desc3nded from the aame tribe bear as their crest a lion rampant silver, holding in the dexter paw a red rose with green leaves. This is said to have been granted to their ancestor, Rhys Faw ap Meredydd, to whom Henry VII. entrusted the Standard of England after the bearer,

Sir William Brandon, was slain by Richard at the battle of Bosworth. Rhys Faw com- manded the Welsh contingent, and rescued the Royal Standard. For this service Henry VII. granted him, on the battle-field, the augmentation to his crest of the Red Rose of Lancaster, which the lion rampant (Rhys Faw's crest) has ever since carried in his paw, and it is borne to this day by Rhys Faw's descendants, the Wynnes and Prices of Wales. It is said to be the only instance of an augmentation being granted to a crest.

I shall be glad to know if there is any connexion between the two.


Essex Lodge, Ewell.

SIR WILLIAM JOHN STRUTH. Can any reader tell me who was the wife of Sir William John Struth of Bristol, who died February, 1850, aged 87 ? Was he a West Indian merchant at Bristol ?

Any information about him would be most welcome. Please reply direct.


2, Manor Road, Brockley, S.E.

AUTHOR OF HYMNS WANTED. I shall be glad of information as to the authorship of two hymns, the first verses of which are :

(1) Hail, Eternal, by whose aid All created things were made ; Heaven and earth Thy vast design, Hear us, Architect Divine.

(2) Now the evening shadows closing

Warn from toil to peaceful rest, Mystic arts and rites reposing Sacred in each faithful breast.

They were some years since attributed to a Lincolnshire writer, but I have seen the first labelled " German Hymn," and the second apparently ascribed to a similar origin. Are they translations ? Neither of them is noticed in the Rev. Dr. Julian's ' Dictionary of Hymnology,' revised edition, 1907. W. B. H.

SIR ROBERT DICCELL : SIR ROGER HOUGH- TON. The will of James Houghton of Arbury in Winwick, co. Lane., dated 30 June, 1592, refers disputes arising between his cousins and his executors to Sir John South- worth, Kt., " my cousin Roger Houghton of London, attendant to the right honourable Sir Robert Diccell, and my cousin John Southworth of Westleigh." The will of Henry Houghton of Winwick, dated 9 May, 1584, mentions his uncle " Sir " Roger Houghton and Roger Houghton. I should like to identify Sir Robert Diccell and Sir Roger Houghton. Diccell is,