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NOTES AND QUERIES. [iis.xi.MAB.2o.i9i5.

origin. The name Laughter also occasion- ally occurs in wills and other documents, but so far I have failed to find this name in connexion with Worcestershire. Possibly, in this instance, the name is pronounced " lafter " as in " laughter."


60, Rothesay Road, Luton.

In that very amusing book, Bowditch's ' Suffolk Surnames ' (London and Boston, 1861), there is a long list of names of this class from which the following additions may 'be made to the list at the above refer- ence. Bowditch professes to give only well- authenticated instances :

Belly Gullet

Bowells Hands

Bones Inwards

Bumni Knodle

Cheeks Lapp



Shank and Shank*


Side and Sides

Chin Lips and Lipps Spine

Ey and Eye Maw Teeth

Face Mouth Thum and Thumm

Grinder Nose Tress

Groyne Nuckle and Nuckells

There are many more, English and German, but these are the most evident. More amusing still, and much longer, is Bow- ditch's list of names from bodily pecu- liarities. C. C. B,

NOBBURY : MOORE : DAVIS : WARD (11 S. xi. 188). Knockballymore came into the possession of Bernard Ward, third son of Bernard Ward of Castle Ward, co. Down (born 1606), by Anne West, and great- grandson of Sir Robert Ward, Surveyor- General of Ireland in 1570 (from whom descend the Viscounts Bangor). Bernard Ward married the heiress of the Davis family, then in possession of Knockballymore. I have never succeeded in tracing this family, and shall look out anxiously for information on the subject. KATHLEEN WARD.

Beechwood, Killiney, co. Dublin.

SAVERY FAMILY OF DEVONSHIRE (US. xi. 148, 196, 218).- Was there by any chance a connexion between this family and Roe- landt Savery (1576-1639), animal painter of Courtrai ? MARGARET LAVINGTON.

D'OYLEY'S WAREHOUSE, 1855 (11 S. xi. 169, 216). George Daniel appears to have had some business connexion with this establishment. Later, I believe, he was an accountant in the City.

Among some autographs which I bought at the sale of his library at Sotheby's in 1864 (lot 1809) I find the following letter addressed to him by Richard Brinsley Peake,

the dramatist, evidently in reply to an application for payment of a debt for which the writer had made himself responsible : Queen's Elm, Aug. 24, 44.

MY DEAR SIR, Many thanks for your kind and considerate note. If common luck at [sic] rewarded! my exertions, Mrs. Walker should not have remained so long unpaid. The annual sum for my Life Insurance I had to find last week, the amount insured is 1,400^., and that has drained my nurse. I am in hourly expectation of receiving a notice of engagement (of permanent employ ;) when 1 will immediately get out of Mrs. Walker's debt. I am very much obliged both to her and you, for un- precedented forbearance in this matter. I certainly made the affair my own, and Parsloe is in a mad 3 house. Mears and Halford have taken the benefit of the Insolvent Act, so I have no remedy, and 1 I will pay it without any law.

Two good pieces, the 'Miser's Well' and the 'Three Wives of Madrid,' have been sacrificed at the altar of caprice at the Lyceum ; and almost enough to send the author after Mr. Parsloe. But brighter days are approaching.

Believe me, Dear Sir,

Yours faithfully,


George Daniel, Esq r .

The outside is addressed

George Daniel, Esq r ,

Walker's D'Oyley's Warehouse,


The three persons for whom the writer of the letter had become responsible were connected with Covent Garden Theatre.


125, Helix Road, Brixtori Hill.

DANIEL ECCLASTON (sic) (US. xi. 190). A Daniel Eccleston lived in Lancaster, and wrote a book entitled ' Reflections on Religion ; or, Freedom of Thinking and Judging for Ourselves on Religious Subjects/ 24 pp., published in 1797. He was a Quaker, ARCHIBALD SPARKE, F.R.S.L.

A VISION OF THE WORLD -WAR IN 1819> (11 S. xi. 171). MR. EDMUNDS has fallen into error in describing Andrew Bobola as" " a recent Jesuit martyr." Blessed Andrew Bobola was born in 1590, and suffered at Janow, 16 May, 1657. He was beatified by- Pius IX. in 1853.

Was Gaudenzio Rossi, who wrote under the name of Pellegrino, a son of the well- known diplomatist Pellegrino Rossi, assassi- nated in Rome, 15 Nov., 1848 ? Who was the author of the article in the Civilta Cattolica for 1864 ? And who was Father

K , a Dominican ? and was it under

ecclesiastical censure or political exigencies that " he had been forbidden to preach or write " ? JOHN B. WAINEWRIGHT.