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Bacon (Roger). Compare LelancTs similar description in his life of Grotestes (as in Tanner, ' Bibl. Brit.').

Banbury Cakes. Mentioned in Sir John Harington's ' Anatomie of the Metamor- phosed Ajax' (1596), L iiif : "O that I were at Oxenford to eate some Banberie cakes."

Bath. Curious composition between the Priory at Bath and the parish churches there about ringing the bells of the latter, 1417. Sir T. Phillipps, MS. 3518, fo. 99.

There are other documents relative to the same matter.

St. James ii. 26 in capital letters in the west window of the Abbey.' Animad- versions,' by J. B., ' upon a Sermon by Bp. Ken,' 1687, p. 20.

Beards. A long article on classical and mediaeval use in Hoffmann's ' Lexicon Universelle. '

An ' Account of the Beard and Mous- tachio from XVI. to XVIII. Cent.,' by J. A. Repton, was privately printed in 1839.

The beard of St. Nicephorus, which reached to his feet. Maundrell's ' Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem,' 1732, p. 49.

Portrait of Andr. Eberh. Rauber, 1675, with beard reaching to the ground, plaited in two tails, in J. A. ab Auersvald, ' De veterum arte luctandi,' Vittemb., 1720. (The death was very lately reported in the newspapers of a man in England whose beard reached to his feet and was wrapped round him. )

An illumination representing shaving in Douce MS. (Bodl.) 135, f. 65 b .

' Apologia Joan. Pierii Valeriani pro sacerdotum barbis,' Par., 1533, and Argent. 1534. Also translated into English.

' Barbae majestas, hoc est, de barbis elegans descriptio, per Joan. Barbatium,' 4to, Francof.

A. Ulmius, ' Physiologia barbaehumanse,' fol., 1603.

' Dissertatio de majestate juribusque barbse ; praeside G. C. Kirchmaiero,' Wittemb., 1698.

J. G. Joch, ' Dissertatio de fceminis barbatis,' Jena, 1702.

The use defended in the preface to a sermon by [a Quaker ?] Joseph Jacob, 3rd ed., Lond., 1702.

' Pogonologia, or an Essay of Beards,' translated from the French by J. A. Drewes, was printed at Exeter in 1786.

Several dissertations in ' Dornavii Amphi- theatrum Sapientiae,' and in ' Observa- tionee Haleneee.'

Beards. Notes of a few writers "debarbis ' 7

in a French theological notebook of cent.

XVII. Raw. MS. (Bodl.) D. 1288, f. 28 b .

In University of Oxford. Hearne's

' Annales ' of John de Trokelowe, 1729.

Dan. Jones's beard and that of John Vermeyen. Hearne's Chron. of Will of Newbury, iii. 763.

Dr. Charlett objected to Hearne's engraving a portrait of Alfred with a beard as " nee moribus antiquis congruam." Hearne's MS. ' Diary,' xix. 145.

Franc, de Harlay, Archbishop of Rouen, who died in 1653, was distinguished for his splendid beard.

Length of lawyers' beards limited in!557 ; not to let them grow more than three weeks on pain of a fine of 40s. Addison's ' Temple Church,' 1843, p. 25.

" Time was when 'twas usual in England to cut the hair of the upper lip, which everywhere else was thought unmanly. So to ride on side-saddles was here at first counted abominable pride." Archbishop Sancroft's MS. Notebooks (Bodl. Libr.), vol. xxvii. p. 218.

Beer. " Ubi Londinum, Deo favente, veneris, dices cervisiam Londinensem Rostochi- ensi olim a te adamatse longe praeferen- dam." Letter from Jac. Hunter, a Swede, to C. Banner in Sweden, London, 13 Cal. Oct., 1620. In Hunter's ' Epistolae Mis- cellaneae,' 8vo, Vienna, 1631, p. 25.

Joh. Christ. Guttbier is the respondent to a dissertation at which Lud. Frid. Jacobi is prseses. ' Disp. medica exhibens Cere- visiae bonitatem,' 4to, Erford, 1704.

Berwick-upon-Tweed. -Patrick Robertson, M.A. Edinb. 1672 [curate to Dean Gran- ville], Vicar of Berwick for twenty-eight years, created M.A. of Oxford in 1714, on a letter from the Chancellor dated 1 June, he having been a priest of the Church of England for forty-one years, having set up daily prayers and monthly sacraments at Berwick, reduced many Dissenters to the Church, and baptized several persons of mature age. Reg. Convoc. B d . 31, f. 110 b . Letter from him to Gran ville, 1682. Rawl. MS. D. 851, 62.

Bible. Memorial verses by which to remem- ber the books and the number of chapters in each, at the end of Maurice de Portu's ' Enchyridion Fidei,' 1509.


Urbs est Londinum populis opibusque superba

Quam supra reliquas Anglia jure colit.

Hie tibi qua portus Belini est, sculptilis ursa

Rauca ciet scatebris murmura dulcis aquae.